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Exceptional Public Insurance Adjuster in Colorado Adjuster Maximizes Your Recovery

As an expert Claims Adjuster, Sterling Adjusters documents your damages photographs and data substantiating the conditions around each claim. Based on our careful assessment of your situation, we include a recommendation on how much the insurance company should pay out to restore your investment fully and fairly.
Consider this Common Scenario

A tree falls onto your place of business or residence. It damages your roof, tears away part of the gutter system, crushes parts of the soffit running under the building’s eaves, and causes a breach that allows moisture to enter interior spaces threatening further loss of possessions or valuable equipment…

The answers to these questions do not need to place undue stress on you. These are questions Sterling Adjusters need to answer, and we‘ll be your trusted source for determining the cost of the damage.
How Disputes Get Settled:
Our Process

After arranging a convenient time for you, Sterling Adjuster will come to your property location to discuss with you the circumstances surrounding the cause of damage. We will snap pictures, assess the damage, and talk to others who may have witnessed the destructive event. Next, we consult with service providers with the qualifications to restore your property…. tree services, roofing contractors, gutter specialists, fencing experts.

From this careful investigation comes a report with a monetary recommendation of how much your insurer should pay.

What Sterling Adjusters Does When Handling a Claim
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