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Assisting with Insurance Claims Adjuster in Colorado Springs: Get Expert Support for Your Claims Process

Replace the whole section with: After a disaster, it’s essential to strategize and chart out your course of action for home recovery, discussing needs and goals with our team to help you restore your home. There are steps that we take to ensure you get the settlement needed to fix your home.
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Public Insurance Adjuster

Public insurance adjusters are the only property loss professionals who work on behalf of policyholders. Individuals and businesses hire public insurance adjusters when they need assistance filing a claim or feel a claim amount offered by an insurance company is incorrect.

Insurance Appraisal Specialists

A property insurance appraiser is a competent and impartial professional who evaluates claims and value of the property or amount of a property loss. Each party (insurance company and policyholder) selects their own impartial appraiser when the insurance appraisal clause is invoked.

We are licensed and certified to serve clients in Colorado, as well as, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wyoming. For clients in states where we are not licensed we are happy to refer you to a trusted partner

Our Mission

We care about what matters most to you – your property and the people in it. Our mission is to mediate property damage claims with the highest level of integrity and fairness. Sterling Adjusters will serve all parties in an insurance claim with a goal of achieving a Fair Settlement. Sterling Adjusters always takes its responsibility seriously – understanding conditions that have resulted in property damages or injury, and defining the right financial outcome.
Appraisals vs Lawsuits
At times, a property owner and his/her insurance carrier will not agree on the valuation of an insurance claim. The property owner may feel they deserve more. The insurance company may feel the claim is excessive. That’s when the Insurance Appraisal solution becomes an effective and non contentious means of coming to a fair settlement while avoiding a more combative lawsuit. Sterling Adjusters fills the role of the mediator to negotiate terms that satisfy both sides. Sterling Adjusters saves you the headache and frustration of dealing with a contested claim.
Water Damage
Mold Damage
Fire Damage
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Types of Claims for Residential, Commercial,and Government Properties:
Hail can be responsible for damage to your roof, windows and siding. This can lead to water getting in the house and causing mold. A public claims adjuster can maximize your insurance claim.
High winds damage thousands of homes every year. Everything from windows, roofs and even the foundation can be ruined amounting tens of thousands of dollars in damages. A public adjuster can ensure you get what you deserve.

Water damage doesn’t only come in the form of floods. Water backups or frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Find out how we can help.

When a natural disaster occurs, you can find yourself with broken windows, large foundation cracks, and damage to other parts of the home that have let in the elements. A burst pipe can also lead to mold contamination. Mold can get into walls, underneath floors and inside even the smallest spaces. It can destroy everything from wood beams to electronics. See how we can help.
Knowing the difference between flood damage and water damage can make all the difference to the insurance company. If you’re unsure let us help.
As if fire isn’t damaging enough, you can experience further damage due to water and mold. Let us get you a maximum payout.
A plumbing leak can mean a disaster. Sometimes the entire kitchen, bathroom, or room below with need to be gutted and renovated. Call us to find out how we can help.
Sterling Adjusters Performs Accurate Appraisals
A property appraisal is important toward securing a good investment by not overpaying in a commercial or residential real estate transaction. Get an accurate property value estimate from the experts at Sterling Adjusters.
Why Choose Sterling?
First and foremost, Sterling Adjusters gets you a fair settlement while avoiding costly and stressful lawsuits however possible. You can rest assured we will carry out accurate and thorough investigations of what caused the property damage and how much your insurance carrier should compensate you for needed restoration.
We have years of experience as a Claims Adjuster and Appraiser. We’re licensed and practice our trade with courtesy, honesty, and integrity. Make Sterling Adjusters your go-to professionals when you have a damage claim dispute or a property and insurance appraisal need.
Homeowners Trust Sterling Adjusters
Lore Homeowner
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I was going back and forth with the insurance company regarding roof damage from a hail storm. Sterling Adjusters was recommended to me. With Skeet's help not only did the insurance company pay for a new roof, but other items to restore the building to the state it was in before the storm.
Carlos Homeowner
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Couldn't ask for better service.
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These guys are awesome. I had hail damage to my roof so I filed a claim. The insurance company sent out an adjuster to look at it. the adjuster got off of my roof and said that he didn't see enough damage to get my roof replaced by insurance. The insurance company sent me a letter saying that the damages were less than my deductible so I didn't get any money. I called a roofer to take a look and he said that my roof needed to be replaced. I didn't know what to do, so the roofer told me to call a Public Adjuster. I called these guys and spoke with a guy named Skeet. He told me not to worry and that he deals with this stuff all of the time.
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